Step Number 9 – Final Shaping

After the bench rest comes the final shaping. This is the step that determines the shape of your bread.

Be it baguettes, round loaves, oblong ones, bagels, braided loaves, pizzas, ciabattas, focaccias, crackers, flatbreads etc.

Shaping is a skill that takes time to master.

There are many techniques for the many shapes.

After the final shaping it is important to place the bread into baskets or between baker’s linen or be it on a tray.

Remember to make sure that your loaves do not stick because that would be very disappointing. If you are using a basket or a couche, then make sure that it is floured adequatly.

Cover the loaves to prevent a hard crust from forming and leave them for the final fermentation.

Practice makes perfect.

My youtube channel is full or recipes demonstrating every kind of bread shape there is. Check it out!

Watch the video here

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