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Weighing out ingredients is the first step to any successful bake.

And I should stress the word weighing. You might be used to measuring ingredients by volume, like using cups and spoons. Although it may work in some cases, mostly it is very inaccurate.

Let me explain. A cup of an ingredient does not correlate to a cup of another ingredient.

Equal volumes of wholemeal flour and white flour would be quite different by weight. Equal volumes of buttermilk and water would be also quite different by weight. And that goes for any ingredient. Salt and sea salt. One type of yeast to another type of yeast etc.

If you have a proven recipe which uses measures by volume, then that is totally fine. But if you are trying to create your own recipe or convert a measure by weight recipe to measure by volume, you will struggle.

It is much more reliable and consistent and easier to use scales.

Each of the steps of baking affects the result dramatically and if you measure your ingredients incorrectly then you will be set up to fail straight from the get-go!

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