How to Make Seeded Wholemeal Crackers

Crackers are a type of bread, yes. Unleavened bread made with just flour, water, salt. A delicious crispy snack which can be eater by itself or with topping or dips.

You can store these in an airtight container for a few days. They will go a little stale. You can place them in your oven at 175C (350F) for a few minutes to make them crispy again. I cut them in little triangles for the purposes of making them look nice for the video. The shape does not matter. Flavour is the most important part. Change the seeds to your liking.

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150g (5.3oz) white flour

150g (5.3oz) wholemeal flour

180g (6.3oz) water

36g (1.25oz) olive oil

6g (0.2oz) sea salt. And a little more for sprinkling on top.

50g (1.75oz) mixed seeds of your choice


  1. Mix the salt into the water until dissolved.
  2. Add the olive oil and all the flour.
  3. Knead for around 6 minutes.
  4. Divide into 2 equal pieces. These will make two trays of 9 by 13 in (23 by 33 cm).
  5. Chill for 1.5 – 2h. This will relax the gluten and make it easy to roll them out. You can also chill them for longer.
  6. Roll out to 2mm (0.08in), Score if you want to. Dock (poke with a fork to stop it from rising).
  7. Pre-heat your oven to 220C (425F) no fan.
  8. Chill for another 30 minutes. This will prevent it from shrinking when baking.
  9. Brush with water or spray with a spray bottle. Sprinkle with sea salt and the seeds.
  10. Bake for 12 – 14 minutes or until browned and crispy.
  11. Cut up while still warm. This will prevent the crackers from breaking.


Let them cool down completely. They will only become fully crispy when at ambient temperature.

Watch the video here

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